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January 7, 2007

Changing to WordPress

Filed under: General,Links — Ivan Herman @ 15:51

I used blosxom for a long time as a blogging software. It was quite all right but, I must admit, I got a little bit bored to keep it up myself if I had to do any change. So I decided to become lazy and switch to WordPress… I tried to do my best to set up RSS redirects so that the possible aggregations would continue to work. I am sure there will be problems but, well, this is the way these things work. If there are too many problems, I can still go back to my previous self.

My older blogs are still accessible via the 2006 archives (and before); the permalinks should also work. Some of the category pages do not seem to work, the RSS redirections seem to have taken their toll on the way blosxom operates…


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