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April 11, 2007

“RDF Browsers” added to the SW Tool list

Filed under: Semantic Web,Work Related — Ivan Herman @ 9:20

I have added a new category to the SW Tool List on the ESW Wiki for RDF Browsers. At present, it refers to Disco, the ObjectViewer, OpenLink’s RDF Browser, and the Tabulator. I have the feeling that more will come…



  1. Hi Ivan,

    there are also plenty of other cool *RDF* browsers, such as Longwell, mSpace, /facet, BrowseRDF, RDFgravity and IsaViz.

    Therefore, it might make sense to differentiate between *RDF* browsers and *Semantic Web* browsers.

    An RDF browser can be pluged on top of any local RDF store to display the content of the store (Longwell, mSpace, /facet, BrowseRDF, RDFgravity and IsaViz).

    A Semantic Web browser doesn’t assume a local store but retrieves data from the Semantic Web by dereferencing URIs (Disco, ObjectViewer, OpenLink RDF Browser and Tabulator).

    It think this separation would make the different use cases much clearer.

    See you in Banff.



    Comment by ChrisB — April 12, 2007 @ 7:56

  2. As mentioned by ChrisB, here’s one faceted RDF browser from DERI: http://www.browserdf.com/

    Comment by John Breslin — April 20, 2007 @ 13:01

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