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April 14, 2007

The full menu of the Semantic Web

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I listened today to the podcast interview with Eric Miller, done by Paul Miller from Tallis (hey Eric, it was nice to hear your voice again…). If you have an hour (yeah, it is that long!), it is worth listening. There was a comparison in it that, I must admit, did not come to my mind before, and which does sound cute. Asked whether one has to use all the heavy stuff like ontologies, reasoning, OWL, etc, for a Semantic Web application, Eric compared this to a restaurant where you get a nice menu. Even if there are all kinds of fancy things you could order, nobody expects you to order and eat everything, or to necessarily pick the most expensive entry on the list… in some cases, and depending on your taste and hunger, a simple salad is exactly what you need! It is up to you. Cute comparison…


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