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July 22, 2007

Yet another RDFa converter

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I realized a week ago that Dave Beckett’s triplr tool (“Stuff in, triples out”) also includes an RDFa converter now, see his news item of 2007-07-17. Ie, I can now use the URI http://triplr.org/rdfa-rdf/http://rdfa.info/ to extract or refer to the RDF content from the RDFa info page’s RDFa statements. Of course (after all, this is Dave’s tool!) I could also put “turtle” in the URI instead of “rdf” to yield, well, turtle.

The converter, of course, is still based on the latest public release of the RDFa syntax, and many things will change as a result of the current work in the RDFa group (which has become real active in the last few months, so I think new and significantly better release of the spec will come soon!). But I am sure an update of triplr will follow that soon afterwards…


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