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October 25, 2007

Former classmates and Hungary

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Some days ago I had the pleasure to spend an evening with a friend whom I had not seen for more 27 years; we used to be classmates in one of the top high schools back in the seventies in Budapest. After a while the unavoidable happened: we began to enumerate our common classmates, to share information about who did what, what happened with them, how their life evolved, etc. One of the striking facts was that (out of cca. 35 kids back then) about half (if not more) left Hungary at some point or other. Some people live in France, others in Germany, US, the UK (like my friend), the Netherlands (like myself and my wife),… And practically none of those have moved back, or plan to move back to Hungary, in spite of the changes that occurred there. Though not necessarily surprising, this fact stroke me again as a somewhat unfortunate fact about a whole generation in Hungary. Slightly sad and discomforting…


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