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February 21, 2008

RDFa Syntax LC is out

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The RDFa Syntax Last Call document has just been published; yey!

I have also made an update of the RDFa processor that I coded last summer; it is now available for download and is also used through the “RDFa Distiller” service page. I have played with RDFa in practical terms, too; my foaf file in HTML, the W3C SW Activity Home page, and the Semantic Web FAQ page are all annotated with RDFa now. Once one is used to it, it is fairly straightforward to add even complex RDF statements to HTML pages with an arbitrarily large number of different vocabularies mixed in. Of course, authoring tools would be good, but let us take things one step at a time… Having the Last Call published (ie, the Working Groups believing to have taken care of all technical issues) is a major, big step ahead!

B.t.w., Benjamin Nowack jumped on the SW-FAQ RDF file to make a nice little hack; here is the mail he sent on the SW SWEO list the other day:

Heh, silly stuff, just FYI: On the #foaf channel is foafbot (a SPARQLy reincarnation
of an earlierbot we had there years ago). It understands RDFa, and allows the
specification of custom commands at [1]. I made it load Ivan’s FAQ, and
created an “faq” command, so that you can now pass a keyword or phrase
to the bot and it will respond with a pointer to the FAQ (if something
matched the RDFa-encoded question), e.g.:

<bengee> foafbot, faq giant ontology

<foafbot> bengee, see http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/SW-FAQ#whgiantont



[1] http://semsol.org/semcamp/sparqlbot

Isn’t that cool? As far as I could see, it took him about 10 minutes to add this hack, thanks to the SW-FAQ being in RDF…


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