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February 4, 2009

Hillary Clinton’s foaf entry…

Talking about RDF getting into the mainstream! John Musser just reported on the US Congress SpaceBook system that also includes the foaf data of, eg, senators. And he explicitly quotes the foaf data of Hillary Clinton (see that article for the details)…

Hm, hm. The foaf file is actually included in the page for Hillary Clinton as an… XML comment. Oops. Maybe its time to put this into RDFa… Also, as far as I know (I am not in the US so my knowledge of US regulation is not that good), now that she is Secretary of State, she has to give up here senator’s seat, right? If so, that URI will disappear…

Anyway, let us not grumble too much. It is a start!


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  1. Is there a way to give range of dates for some information inside the graph be RDFa or FOAF?

    Comment by karl — February 4, 2009 @ 17:10

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