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April 27, 2009

Simple OWL 2 RL service

The W3C OWL Working group has published a number of OWL 2 documents last week. This included an updated version of the OWL 2 RL profile. I have already blogged about this profile (“Bridge Between SW communities: OWL RL”) when the previous release was published; there are no radical changes in this release, so there is no reason to repeat what was said there.

I have been playing with a simple and naive implementation of OWL 2 RL for a while; I have now decided to live dangerously;-) and release the software and the corresponding service. So… you can go to the OWL 2 RL generator service, give an RDF graph, and see what RDF triples an OWL 2 RL system should generate. It should give you some ideas of what OWL 2 RL is all about.

I cannot emphasize enough that this is not a production level tool. Beyond the bugs that I have not yet found, a proper implementation would, for example, optimize the owl:sameAs triples and, instead of storing them in the graph, would generate those on the fly when, say, a SPARQL request is issued. But my goal was not to produce something optimal; instead, I wanted to see whether OWL 2 RL can be implemented without any sophisticated tool or not. The answer is: yes it can. This also means that if I could do it, anybody with a basic knowledge of the underlying RDF environment and programming language (RDFLib and Python in this case) can do it, too. No need to be familiar with any complex algorithms, rule language implementation tricks, complicated external tools, description logic concepts, whatever…


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