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June 8, 2009

The right-wing extremists on the move…

The right-wing extremists on the move—in Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Denmark, the Netherlands. It is a shame— for the large people’s parties and for the voters, which did not participate in the elections.

This is a quote from a blog published on the Web site of the German ZDF television (see the German original). I couldn’t agree more. I live in the Netherlands, where Geert Wilders’ rasist party became one of the strongest parties in the country; I carry a French passport and the Front National will still send representatives to the EU Parliament in the name of France; and I also carry a Hungarian passport and the local right wing “Jobbik” party of Hungary has made a breakthrough yesterday evening. This is not a good day…

(Somme “nuggets” from the declarations of the EU representative of Jobbik: “I would be glad if the so-called proud Hungarian Jews would go back to playing with their tiny little circumcised tail rather than vilifying me”,…“We had a dream that we would not become a second Palestina. This dream has just come true…”. Wonderful…)

One can of course be optimistic: these movements come and go, they are in a minority. And I hope optimism is till o.k. But when I see these people marching on the streets of Budapest where I grew up, or when, as a foreigner in the Netherlands, I am indirectly accused by an official party of stealing the job of locals, then, well, it is not easy to keep up my optimism…


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