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October 16, 2009

Seduce with free services?

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I ran into this two times in a week. I hope it is just a coincidence…

The story is simple. You find some service on the Web which looks nice and helpful. There are various options: you may take a minimal service, which is free of charge, or you can also choose extra services for a fee. It sounds like a decent choice: if the minimal service fits your needs, you are happy, if you need more, you pay something. I presume we all use services like that.

But then… if you take the free option, you may get a mail after 2-3 years’ of  usage saying that sorry, the free service is discontinued next month; you are welcome to upgrade for the paying service, otherwise, well, good bye. As I said I got this type of mail twice in a week: one from a service giving a minimal synchronization of my phone’s calendar with Google’s, the other providing a simple email certificate for signing my mails. On a matter of principle I will not upgrade; I do not find this approach really acceptable.

So… will Gmail, WordPress, or other similar services decide that they have attracted enough customers, they can now start charging? As I said, I hope this was just a coincidence and not some sort of a general direction…


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  1. Well, it is a general direction. It’s called a huge recession and weak businesses are failing. Without enough profits from paying customers to underwrite their marketing (the limited free service), the company cuts their marketing expenditures. Of course cutting marketing is simply a stalling tactic which presages failing completely. So, no, Gmail isn’t giving up the free offering unless this recession develops fully into the second Great Depression (which seems less likely than simply another year or two of recession in the US).

    Comment by Jim White — October 25, 2009 @ 23:12

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