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December 6, 2009

LOD and the top 10 SW products 2009

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Richard MacManus has just published the “Top 10 Semantic Web products of 2009” (see part I and part II) in ReadWriteWeb. What I found interesting on that list is to see that products have been included that  are related to, and are using, the output of the Linked Open Data project: Open Calais, Zemanta, BBC’s Semantic Music project, Freebase, DBPedia, Data.gov. (Ok, listing DBPedia as a “product” may not be absolutely right, but, well…).

Why is this interesting? Because one of the negative comments that one hears sometimes (often?), related to the LOD, is that this is nothing more than an academic exercise, ie,  it does not make any sense for business. Well, here we are!


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