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December 12, 2009

RDFa usage spreading…

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It may be that I was not attentive enough, ie, some of these may be old(er) news. But I did hit two interesting RDFa related news yesterday and today (both via twitter, b.t.w.) that I think are really noteworthy.

1. A blog from Priyank Mohan “Online retail : How is using Semantic Technology to define a new trend” reported about a talk given by Jay Myers from Best Buy. Best Buy started using RDFa a while ago already, but they recently added statements using the GoodRelations Ontology that Martin Hepp published. What Jay said (quoting from Priyank’s blog here):

  1. GoodRelations + RDFa improved the rank of the respective pages in Google tremendously… In fact, if you try the query “BestBuy Ferris Bueller” on Google, then the page comes on rank # 1 ahead of the much more established page . This indicates a strong effect of GoodRelations + RDFa on Google’s appreciation of a page.…
  2. Jay also reported a 30 % percent (!) increase in traffic on the BestBuy stores pages
  3. Yahoo observes a 15% increase in the Click-through-Rate (CTR). Nick Cox from Yahoo also recently reported that augmented search results, e.g. those with GoodRelations / RDFa in Yahoo get a 15 % higher Click-through-Rate (CTR).

There has been some discussions on twitter whether those numbers (eg, 30%) are really reliable, and maybe these statements are indeed too good to be fully true. But even if the 30% is only 15%, it is still quite an achievement!

2. This morning I found out that O’Reilly has begun to systemically add RDFa to their catalog pages. Eg, the page on the “Switching to the Mac” book can produce the RDF information using the RDFa distiller. Note the code uses well established vocabularies: Core FRBR, GoodRelations, Foaf, Dublin Core… ie, using this data with other mashup sites become much easier!

Great news. And, by the way, it worth noting that both also relate to Martin’s GoodRelations Ontology. That stuff is really coming to the fore, too…



  1. Dear Ivan,

    A vertical search engine working on online goods domain (http://www.karniyarik.com) collecting product descriptions from local retails now using RDFa too. This way the search engine finds many products in the local stores; and provides RDF descriptions for all products.

    The main problem comes with the unification of different products in different retailers. Globally unique barcodes are a good way to provide URIs to products but since product domain currently does not have such a good representation of products it is a little hard right now.

    BestBuy providing RDFa on their sites and RDF dumps with barcode numbers is a perfect move in our domain.

    Comment by Siyamed SINIR — January 8, 2010 @ 14:30

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