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April 5, 2010

Interactive fountain

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A new toy in Budapest, Hungary: an interactive public fountain. Imagine a rectangle (about 10 by 5 meters) with jets of water shooting vertically up into the air at the perimeter. It looks like a room with walls of water. You approach the wall, and a small portion of that wall opens like magic (some parts of the jets stop working), you enter the room and the wall closes behind you (ie, the jets start working again). The same happens if you want to leave the room; you just approach the wall which gracefully opens to let you through. See the picture (click on it to get a somewhat larger image); it shows what happens…

That is whole idea. Simple but great; of course, many people enter the room at various places and various times, some of the jets are not yet in full force, etc, so it gives the fountain and ever changing aspect. When I saw it (yesterday) it was fairly cold outside, but I see in advance that in summer heat this will really be great fun!

As a techie: I tried to find and see the sensors that are, obviously, under your feet both inside and outside the water wall somewhere under your feet. I guess the trick is to have these sensors placed in a way that you do not see them at all to make it all really feel like magic. And indeed, though I tried, I did not see them…

Nice stuff!


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