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October 16, 2010

Open Data as a Tangram

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The Open Data Tangram of the W3C Brazil Office

Many of us have seen, or heard of Tim’s talk on linked open data using a bag of potato chips as an example. I have just stumbled into another analogy for the usefulness of open data yesterday. It is not my idea, just telling about it…

I have spent a day at the W3C Brazil Office in São Paulo yesterday. As part of their goodies to distribute, the Office has produced a small Tangram. (For those who do not know, a Tangram is an old Chinese puzzle: it consists of a small set of simple geometric forms that can be arranged in a square. The cute thing is that there is a large number of figures that can be created by simply rearraning those pieces.) The distributed Tangram has puzzle pieces that are annotated with terms like (I hope I get it right, I do not speak Portuguese) “Compatibility”, “Transparency”, etc.

And indeed. Organizations would publish their data in some configuration (say, a square…). The rich possibilities come from the fact that anybody can take those pieces of data, rearrange them and produce different, cute configurations, i.e., applications using the very same data. And that is where the power of open data comes…

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  1. Hi Ivan,

    First, thanks for the great insights you share throughout your posts about semantic web.
    Your Portuguese was not that bad at all… 😀

    Indeed, from what I can see in the blocks:
    “Compartilhar” = Share
    “Reutilizar e integrar dados” = Reuse and integrate data.
    “Ressignificar” = Bring a new meaning to something.

    I believe the other ones you already figured them out.


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    Porto Alegre, Brazil.
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    Comment by Miguel Miranda de Mattos — October 17, 2010 @ 6:50

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