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October 12, 2012

Nobel Peace Price for the EU

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First World War, somewhere in France or Germany, two brothers are on the front line. The unusual fact is, though, that they are facing one another: one is enrolled in the French army, the other in the German one. Luckily, they both survive the War and do not have to kill one another.

About 25 years later, one of the brothers is enrolled, again, into the German army to defend the Reich on the Rhine; his son joins the French resistance movement. Father and son are many miles apart, luckily, but in opposing armies nevertheless.

Jump ahead again about 35 years. The former French partisan lives in France, works for the local subsidiary of a German company, travels back and forth between the two countries; he believes (and says) that a new war between France and Germany is now unthinkable.

Unrealistic story? Far from it. The two brothers had a third brother, who happened to be my grandfather. They lived in small villages in the North-East of France in a region called Lorraine; part of this region (together with another one called Alsace) have changed hands between France and Germany four times in a century. The tragedy was that the two brothers happened to live on different sides of the artificial border, hence were enrolled in opposing armies.

This was Europe for a long time. It was also a Europe with borders, with an iron curtain (which also played a significant role in my life), with latent and dangerous tensions that could have led to new conflicts. But all this is history. Our children, in many ways, do not even understand this past; stories like the one above seem unbelievable and unrealistic to them. And this is the main achievement of the EU. It is not perfect (far from it), it currently has economic problems and tensions to solve; but every time I pass a border without even noticing it on my way from Amsterdam to Budapest or Paris I should (and I often do) remember the ordeals my own grandfather’s generation went through. It is therefore more than fitting that the EU, as an organization, has just received the Nobel Price for peace. A war-torn, suffering continent closed a terrible period by creating it; as one of my colleagues, Phil Archer, said on twitter: we can be proud of being European.


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  1. What a marvelous story, Ivan. Thank you for providing this important historical context for something that I am already hearing a lot of cynical nay-saying about.

    Comment by Eric Axel Franzon (@ericaxel) — October 12, 2012 @ 20:31

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