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August 15, 2013

Public Access—oh Irony!

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I found a Force11 reference on Google+ to a NYT article. The article is entitled “How to Share Scientific Data”, which is a topic I am interested in both privately and also professionally as part of my W3C work (publishing scientific data on the Web is coming to the fore as a major area of Data on the Web). The NYT article is, actually, “just” a short overview of a more detailed paper, written by F. Berman and V. Cerf, on ”Who Will Pay for Public Access of Research Data”, and published in Science. Because the NYT has duly  put a reference, I followed it. That is only a reference with the abstract; there is a separate link to the full text. But then… I am asked to subscribe to Science to access the paper which is is about 100$ for an annual subscription! In effect: one would have to pay 100$ to access a paper (o.k., possibly others, but that is the one I am interested in right now!) that looks at public access of data: isn’t this ironic? Sigh…


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